Jordin Cohen

Jordin Cohen, Ph.D.

Areas of Expertise:

Cyber security, national security policy, homeland security policy, critical infrastructure analysis and protection, business administration including financial management, communication, business policy, and strategic management

Jordin is the director of homeland security and defense in Noblis’ national security and intelligence mission area. His expertise includes civil service, consulting, and analytical experience in the federal sector, focused on the defense, intelligence and homeland security communities. He has over 29 years of experience in academia, government, and the professional services industry, supporting strategic issues including homeland defense, counterterrorism, and cyber security.  
Noblis Projects: 

  • Noblis IDIQ Program Manager for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology (S&T) Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)
  • Program Manager, DHS S&T Explosives Division
  • Program Manager, DHS S&T Resilient Systems Division
  • Program Manager, DHS S&T Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency Front Office

Past Projects: 

  • Supported key Navy Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Departmenet of Defense (DoD) critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and homeland defense initiatives
  • Developed the first Special Function Intelligence Support Plan, identifying roles and responsibilities for the defense intelligence enterprise in support of DoD CIP and homeland defense activities
  • Developed an asymmetric threat model for predicting terrorist events for the Defense Intelligence Agency and Joint Staff/J2 Senior Warning Officer.


Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
Master’s Degree, Political Science, University of Colorado at Boulder
Bachelor of Arts, Government, Oberlin College

Selected Publications and Presentations:

Smtih, Stephan, Christian Manalo, and Jordin S. Cohen. “Funding and Prioritization Based upon Physical and Cyber Security Risk.” American Waterworks Association-Water Security Congress, Washington DC, September 2010.

Cohen, Jordin S. and Byron Paul Pattak. “Dependencies and Interdependencies in Infrastructure Analysis,” GovSec 2004, Washington DC, July 2004.

O’Loughlin , John, Michael D. Ward, Corey L. Lofdahl, Jordin S. Cohen, David S. Brown, David Reilly, Kristian S. Gleditsch, and Michael Shin. “The Diffusion of Democracy, 1946-1994”. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, vol. 88, no 4,  pp. 545–574, December 1998.

Cohen, Jordin S. and Michael D. Ward. “Great Expectations: Russian Defense Conversion. Defence and Peace Economics,” vol. 9 no. 4, pp. 381–394, 1998.

Ward, Michael D. and Jordin S. Cohen. “The U.S., European Security, and the Reorganization of the Western Security System.” Cahiers du CEDSI (Center for Defense and International Security, France), pp. 85-95, February 1997

Cohen, Jordin S. and Michael D. Ward. “Towards a Peace Dividend in the Middle East: The New Dynamics of Military Spending.” Gleditsch, Bjerkholt, Cappelen, Dunne, and Smith, eds. “The Peace Dividend: Contributions to Economic Analysis,” Amsterdam: North Holland, pp. 425-437, 1996.

Cohen, Jordin S., Randolph Stevenson, Alex Mintz, and Michael D. Ward. “Defense Expenditures and Economic Growth in Israel: The Indirect Link,” Journal of Peace Research,  vol. 33, pp. 341-352, 1996.

Ward, Michael D.Jordin S. Cohen, and Michelle Betsill, “Three Faces of Defence Conversion in the United States,” Defence and Peace Economics  vol. 6, pp. 221-235, 1995.

In addition, Mr. Cohen has worked on, written, or supported the following publications:

U.S. Air Force Cyber Security Strategy

DHS’ Office of Infrastructure Protection Incident Management Concept of Operations

DHS’ National Cyber Incident Response Plan and IT Sector Baseline Risk Assessment

The Impact of Foreign Infrastructure Failures on U.S. National Security (for a national security client)

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