BioVelocity: Noblis-developed Whole Genome Analysis Tool

Performing DNA analysis 50 times faster than industry standard

Until recently the quest to rapidly map the human genome and unlock the secrets of DNA remained elusive due to barriers in cost and computing power. Today, advances in next-generation sequencing technologies are fueling the market for computational power with the ability to process, identify, and analyze large and complex datasets.

BioVelocity, a new whole genome analysis platform from Noblis, offers rapid detection of singular nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) insertions or deletions and other genomic features 50 times faster than industry standard. This next-generation sequencing analysis technology is opening new doors to research by making large datasets of rapid sequence alignment accurate, accessible, affordable, and fast.

Fast Genomic Analysis from Raw Data

Noblis’ BioVelocity tool completes multiple sequence alignment and genetic changes and mutations at improved speeds and increased accuracy relative to current industry sequencing analysis. This is done by aligning next-generation sequence reads with our database of customized reference libraries. Repeatable tests using BioVelocity demonstrate that the process of aligning reads and deriving SNPs can be completed in approximately 12 minutes. Noblis also accurately performed analysis of 2.7 million metagenomic sequence reads in just 37 seconds and determined the makeup of all microbial species present.

Dangerous pathogens and harmless microorganisms are everywhere. Identifying and understanding them can lead to better methods for containment and reduction of bio threats. BioVelocity can swiftly separate and identify these unknown organisms using our algorithms combined with a comprehensive database of reference genomes.

Human DNA sequences are larger and even more complicated than pathogens and often require more analysis to identify genetic changes critical for medical research and diagnostics. BioVelocity can process complete human genomes and human exomes (the portion of the human genome that codes proteins) 50 times faster than other technologies, accelerating new discoveries.

Breaking Speed Barriers and Opening New Doors to Research

After sequencers generate the genomic data at the lab it often takes days, weeks, or even months before usable findings can be identified. Noblis eliminates this delay by directly querying the raw data against our genomic database and using BioVelocity’s variant finding capabilities to identify which species are present or which genetic mutations have occurred.

BioVelocity uses an exceptionally fast, parallel sequencing alignment algorithm to perform advanced computational comparisons across multiple reference genomes. By overcoming the current speed barriers, it is making the rapid detection of SNPs and other genomic features more accessible to labs, hospitals, and research facilities. Noblis’ BioVelocity tool shows promise for the future of genomic research and personalized medicine and has the potential to make profound impacts in the field of medicine and the diagnosis of diseases.

Bioinfomatics Services, Expertise, and Tools

Noblis provides bioinformatics prototyping, development, and support in several domains. We have developed new techniques for bio-molecular pathway analysis in addition to more traditional sequence analysis. Our services include nucleotide sequence analysis, molecular modeling and simulation, bio-molecular pathways analysis, protein sequence analysis/proteomics, and pipeline and data management.

This cutting-edge work is driven by our expert data scientists and made possible by our high performance computing (HPC) facilities and platforms. The Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing (CAHPC), located in Danville, VA, houses a Cray XMT2 supercomputer. This unique system, combined with two additional HPC clusters, offers a level and range of power that is rarely found outside of federal laboratories and academic settings. Our entire HPC system is implemented as a cloud, allowing quick deployment of computational infrastructure on demand. 

The fastest analysis of large, complex datasets with improved accuracy and quality.

BioVelocity is making the rapid detection of SNPs and other genomic features more accessible to labs, hospitals, and research facilities.

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