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In 2003, telecommunications technology was changing at an unprecedented pace. Civilian agencies were demanding increasingly complex products, services, and solutions and seeking to take advantage of falling prices. Government officials needed an efficient and cost-effective way to buy net-centric products and services that incorporated optical and wireless technologies. They needed an acquisition vehicle that would keep up with the pace of technology and provide competitive prices. This vehicle was Networx.

Knowing that this acquisition was going to be extraordinarily complex and demand acquisition excellence at every step, the General Services Administration (GSA) contacted Noblis to work on the Networx contract. With a ceiling of $20 billion, it was the largest and most complicated telecommunications acquisition in government history.

In order to ensure that the government would lock in best value over time, our program management, IT, and acquisition experts worked with GSA on almost every aspect of the project through its entire lifecycle. We performed market research, provided technical support, created the request for proposal  (RFP), and evaluated volumes of complex proposals. Our staff incorporated 50 different telecommunications and networks services and 7,400 individual requirements into the RFP. We also invented a web-based system to automatically manage the project’s pricing components.

With Noblis’ guidance, GSA was able to bring Networx in on schedule and free of award protests. Today, under Networx, federal agencies are able to collaborate, share data, and communicate more efficiently and securely.

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