Health Innovation Publications & Presentations

Publications Written by Noblis Health Innovation Staff

Magee, Ann V, Lori Damiano, and Holly Korda. "Big Data Tools for Population Health Management" IT Cutter Journal, 2012.

Breslin, P. and Young, J. Value-Based Healthcare Purchasing: Will Data Growth Be the Catalyst?, Sigma, October 2012.

Breslin, P. Reforming Physician and Hospital Relationships: Is Massachusetts the Incubator for National Payment Reform?, Mass Media, June 2012

Breslin, Paul. “Today’s Hospital Facility Management Challenge: Making “Plan B” Work,” published by the FacilityCare publication. June 2010.

Breslin, P., et al. The Integration Payoff: 3 Examples, Healthcare Financial Management, December 2009.

Magee, Ann V. "MHS Innovation Program and Defense Knowledge Online Healthcare Facilities Portal." Health Facilities Institute 20th Annual Conference. Fort Myers, FL. Oct. 21, 2009. Presentation.

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