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In July 2001 the United Nations Security Council declared that without action, the AIDS pandemic could further threaten world stability. In response, the U.S. announced that AIDS would be treated as a threat to national security and by 2003, the U.S. Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) was created. This program, administered by the Department of State through the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), provides care, treatment, and prevention services for people affected by HIV and AIDS. Noblis supports OGAC with a portfolio of domestic and international programmatic, technical, and management support.

Noblis staff embedded in OGAC's Strategic Information division learned that new budgetary funding software was not going to be delivered on time. This meant that 36 countries/regions would not receive the necessary funding to keep their programs running. Our staff stepped in and rapidly developed software to keep the budget funding flowing.

Fast Action by Noblis Helps OGAC Fulfill Their Mission

We immediately created and launched an emergency workaround program that we nicknamed "Plan B." By quickly gathering requirements, building a database, and creating budgetary software, Noblis enabled PEPFAR's operations to continue. Without this software, monetary support for the PEPFAR programs would have been halted and OGAC budget personnel would not have been able to perform their jobs.

Noblis' insights into the potential impact on the OGAC business cycle, our responsive program management expertise, and agile development enabled OGAC to fulfill their mission and had a direct positive outcome on the lives of many people.

Today PEPFAR is working towards creating an AIDS-free generation. Since its inception, PEPFAR has provided care and treatment for nearly 13 million people including 4.1 million orphans and at-risk children. Noblis continues to support OGAC and PEPFAR in this very important mission.

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