Achieving Acquisition Success: Select the Winning Team

This part of our series explains what a winning team should be and how to get there

When we talk about selecting a winning team, you might be thinking that we’re referring to who wins the competition. Actually, the key to a successful acquisition is truly the compilation of the evaluation team. The old cliché “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” is very much true to a successful acquisition outcome. Instead of selecting based on experience or skill, many acquisition teams are compiled based on whoever is available at the time—those are the acquisitions that tend to fail. 

It is imperative to choose team members with the necessary skills relevant to the requirements of the acquisition. This can be achieved by utilizing expertise from inside—and outside—an organization, including non-voting subject matter expertise if necessary. 

The six important criteria to ensuring a successful acquisition team are selecting team members that:

  1. Have a thorough knowledge of the domain, products and services
  2. Have strong oral and written communication skills
  3. Have the ability to work cooperatively and professionally to come to a consensus
  4. Have the knowledge to protect source selection sensitive information
  5. Are free from any personal conflicts of interest
  6. Are available and dedicated to the completion of the source selection    

It is equally important that the team members selected to participate in the source selection receive buy-in from their “home” organization—meaning that they must be temporarily relieved of their day-to-day responsibilities in order to focus and ensure they are able to meet the often tight deadlines and demands of a source selection.

Another key is selecting team leads who are fair, unbiased and possess the ability to bring together team members with opposing viewpoints. Consensus is critically important to the success of the acquisition team, so selecting team leads who can navigate schedules and personalities will go a long way in achieving success.

Bottom line: A winning source selection team is the key to the success of the acquisition. 

For over 30 years, Noblis has been helping government COs achieve success in our acquisition programs. We do this by being in a unique position—being absent of stakeholders or pre-determined solutions—allowing us to provide our government clients with the very best unbiased acquisition expertise. Ninety-nine percent of our acquisitions have completed without a successful protest, and we have helped our clients to the tune of over $350B in acquisition value.  

All four parts of the series can be found at the links below or get a PDF copy here.
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Bill Morris

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Jim Soltys

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Jim Soltys discusses the importance of selecting a winning team.  
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