Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee of Noblis Speaks at Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium

The topic was “Engaging Stakeholders on DoD Mission and Strategic Implications”

FALLS CHURCH, VA. —April 30, 2015—Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee, Chief Scientist—Enterprise Engineering and Environment, Noblis, spoke at the Association of Climate Change Officers 4th annual Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium. He was part of a panel of four experts who spoke on the topic of “Engaging Stakeholders on Department of Defense (DoD) Mission and Strategic Implications.” Dr. Marqusee discussed how DoD will need to adjust to the impacts of climate change on our facilities and military capabilities.

“The military has a long history of dealing with large uncertainties in its strategic planning,” explained Dr. Marqusee. “Things termed as deep uncertainties, where one cannot assign probabilities to future events, are systematically considered and managed. The traditional approach to risk management—where one can quantify the likelihood of an event—is often addressed by sensitivity analysis and optimization, but what do we do if we cannot estimate the likelihood? The military planning community has used many methodologies such as exploiting rich scenario planning and using assumptions based planning. Fundamentally these methodologies involve identifying all plausible vulnerabilities and ensuring that decision makers see the impacts. When it comes to climate adaptation, we need to accept that for years, and likely decades, we will be faced with deep uncertainties as to the exact impacts in any specific town or city. For extreme events in particular, which disproportionally constitute the bulk of future risk, we should exploit the lessons of military strategic planning.”

At Noblis, Dr. Marqusee is responsible for developing solutions for the federal government’s strategic sustainability challenges. Prior to joining Noblis in 2013, he was the executive director of the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s (OSD’s) Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) and served as the director of the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP). He managed SERDP and ESTCP’s $140M per year investment in environmental and energy science and technology. Dr. Marqusee served as OSD’s principal advisor on environment and energy science and technology issues that impact DoD installations. He established and led DoD’s innovation fund for energy technologies for military installations, established and guided DoD’s climate change impact and adaptation research program, and oversaw the execution of over 1,000 research and demonstration projects in academic, industrial, and federal laboratories.

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Jeffrey Marqusee

Dr. Marqusee is a nationally known expert in environmental science and technology.
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