What are Smart Cities?

J.D. Schneeberger explains how Smart Cities use real time data analytics to improve lives

Smart Cities use information and communications technology to improve the quality of life for its citizens. This includes the livability, workability, and usability within the context of the city. Smart City technology can leverage real time data analytics to drive operational decisions. This data can improve the sustainability of cities and promote more sustainable travel options. At Noblis we are thinking beyond cities to smart corridors, smart regions, and eventually smart nations.

Noblis experts are using advanced analytics, innovative technology, systems engineering, strategic planning, and acquisition management to improve operations for surface transportation while also reducing impacts on the environment. Our work is helping to ease congestion, improve safety and reliability, accessibility, and increase efficiency for surface transportation systems, including light vehicles, freight, and public transportation. Our extensive experience in transportation operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), connected vehicles, and automated vehicles make us a strong partner for government agencies and automakers. Together we are helping to develop the integrated systems and technologies that will carry us into the next generation of mobility.

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