Managing the “Fifth Force” - Team Social Context

Orlando Figueroa, President, Orlando Leadership Enterprise—NASA Retired

October 22, 2013

The “Fifth Force” is the name that we, the 4d-Systems family give to the invisible yet powerful force that controls people’s behaviors in work teams, in other words, their “social context.”The world of science has well-formed and consistent language, world-wide. We can travel (almost) anywhere and talk about energy, entropy, enthalpy, first-derivative and the like and be understood. There is no such language in the social world. In fact, it would be surprising for the term “social context” to be completely grasped by you as a first time reader. The term Social Context or the “Fifth Force” attempts to use simple metaphors, borrowing from the four fundamental forces of nature, to illuminate otherwise bewildering social concerns in the context of work teams.

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