Bitcoin-Solving the Unsolvable

Ben Isgur, Bitcoin Expert and Author of and Professional Crytocurrency Trader

June 3, 2014

Ben Isgur

Bitcoin has been suddenly thrust into the spotlight as a result of recent unfortunate news. MtGox, the oldest and once largest Bitcoin exchange, declared bankruptcy after losing nearly half a billion of its customers dollars. But this is far from the end for one of the most important technological innovations of our time. By decentralizing trust, the Bitcoin protocol will do for property management what the Internet did for information. This presentation will explain how Bitcoin works, discuss its key applications as a technology, and examine the difference between the commodity whose price you hear quoted (Bitcoin) and the underlying technology (the Bitcoin protocol).

Ben Isgur is the author of and Professional Cryptocurrency Trader. He is also a professional Bitcoin trader (who also dabbles in altcoins) who reports his trades in real time both on his blog and through his Twitter, @BenIsgur. Ben is a George Mason University graduate who holds degrees in Philosophy and Government.

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