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Technology is advancing at light speed. As yesterday’s leading-edge technologies, solutions, and systems transition into legacy systems, government agencies are faced with the imperative to streamline their business processes, modernize their systems, and transform their operations so that their services are automated, web-enabled, and available around the clock. They are also being asked to boost performance and maximize the impact of their purchases, while reducing costs.

As the government’s needs change, Noblis continues to expand our role to help customers carry out their missions in this new era of government regulations, transparency, and cost consciousness. Our Enterprise Engineering professionals help organizations run their mission-critical infrastructures more efficiently and effectively. We help clients develop the strategies to architect, acquire, deploy, and manage the right technology and environmental solutions to support their missions.

We provide a variety of support services and tools focused on helping public- and private-sector organizations become more agile and effective. We accomplish this by applying specialized expertise and best practices in the design, acquisition, deployment, and management of key technology-based resources within our customers’ enterprise operations.

Helping customers optimize their investment decisions

We work with government agencies and private organizations to ensure that their strategic decisions optimize their investment dollars and support their business goals, while ensuring compliance with relevant oversight requirements. We work side by side with our customers to align their business strategies and help them make optimal decisions. We then help them convert those decisions into actions that will lead to lasting solutions. Our expertise allows our customers to make better-informed decisions and our acquisition processes allow them to lock in best-value pricing while adapting to evolving technology.

Noblis’ seasoned experts apply resourceful thinking and proven processes to deliver successful real-world outcomes such as:

  • Updating telecommunications infrastructures and transforming networks to enable the delivery of reliable Next Generation IP centric services to the public
  • Developing unique call center and telecommunications test beds to evaluate architectures for reliability, performance, and scalability
  • Providing sophisticated pricing, forecasting, and decision-support tools to help clients better control and dramatically lower their operating costs
  • Developing tax operations and claims processing solutions that help get benefits payments into the hands of the public sooner
  • Providing real-time information access and transactions to improve government-to-citizen and business-to-consumer service delivery
  • Providing NOAA with operations, maintenance, and sustainment guidance for weather satellite programs for 35 years, including system architecture studies and technology acquisition support (Learn More - PDF)
  • Analyzing telecommunication cost estimates for distributing satellite rebroadcast data as a result of shared commercial use of NOAA’s L-Band frequency spectrum, identifying annual cost savings of approximately $13 million
  • Delivering system architecture analysis for the NOAA/NESDIS GOES-R satellite program space-to-ground RF communications subsystem to ensure that both the spacecraft and antenna manufacturers are designing systems that meet their individual performance requirements

The best way to describe the work that Noblis does is to say that we accelerate return on investment for our customers. That is why they depend on Noblis to help them anticipate, conceive, architect, assess, prove, deploy, and manage their mission-critical technology-based infrastructures.

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Noblis Experts

Jim Soltys

Jim is an account and project manager with expertise in the areas of telecommunications, acquisitions, and cloud and mobile strategies.
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Howard Bernett

Howard is a senior manager with expertise in the areas of enterprise networks, large-scale transaction systems, telecommunications, and acquisitions.
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Mary Ann Davis

Mary Ann is an experienced account and program manager leading a team of engineers and analysts who provide weather satellite and systems engineering expertise.
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