FBI Sentinel Project

Delivering Mission Success through Agile Development

Noblis applied Agile development methods to support the FBI's Sentinel project

Federal agencies rely on IT to support their missions. All too often, however, they are finding that their IT purchases are more expensive than budgeted, need more time than planned, and do not deliver the intended results. Mission success demands improved cost and time efficiencies.

Agile methodologies are gaining traction across the government as innovative managers generate successful results for both small and large IT projects. An early adopter of Agile methods, Noblis implements the principles established in the Agile Manifesto in ways that work for the unique needs of each client and project. Putting these principles into practice is consistent with Noblis’ nonprofit status: our physical and intellectual environment encourages continuous interaction, cooperation, and collaboration. We appreciate that today's challenges are too complex for one discipline, one orientation, one viewpoint, and encourage our professionals to work in an open, collaborative spirit with our clients and other consultants to create value.

Noblis Supports FBI’s Application of Agile Methods to the Sentinel Project

In September 2010, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) switched from a waterfall development methodology to Agile development processes to complete the Sentinel case management system. The Noblis team was retained to help guide the FBI through the transition to Agile and was a key contributor to the successful Sentinel deployment in the summer of 2012. Today, this Agile-developed case management software is used by over 30,000 users to access mission-critical case data.

Noblis’ collaborative approach and Agile expertise solidified our position as a trusted partner in the FBI’s Sentinel project. Our subject matter experts, business analysts, project control professionals, and training and communications specialists continue to work with the FBI and other consulting organizations to support rapid delivery of optimal solutions to advance the FBI’s strategic vision.

The successful delivery of the Sentinel software platform demonstrates how federal agencies can use Agile development techniques to gain increased visibility into the progress of their software projects, achieve regular and valuable feedback from their stakeholders, and better manage costs while reducing schedule delays.

In addition to Sentinel, Noblis is supporting other Agile projects across the FBI, other government agencies, and the commercial sector. Noblis analysts used Agile development methodologies to support General Services Administration (GSA)  in the development and implementation  of the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool, a  top five finalist for the 2010 White House GreenGov Presidential Awards for Green Innovation and 2010 awardee of the Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership’s  Achievement in Inauguration award.

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