Enabling Priority Communications

Making vital telecommunications connections when the calls must go through

In order to guarantee citizen safety, government agencies and first responders need uninterrupted access to cell or landlines during emergency situations, natural disasters, and national crises. Phone use during these times can cause severe network congestion that overwhelms and disrupts communications systems, hindering the ability of first responders to make the necessary connections.

In response to unprecedented growth in cell phone use, accompanied by an increased vulnerability to network congestion and system failures, the government developed technologies to accelerate emergency response by granting subscribing users telecommunications priority over the general public. By providing a 90 percent call completion rate, these services vastly improve the likelihood that government agencies will be able to communicate seamlessly during emergencies.

Noblis uses network modeling scenarios and provides rigorous analytical support to ensure that these technologies will be able to provide necessary communications for government personnel in crisis situations. This is particularly critical as the system migrates to an advanced IP platform.

By modeling and analyzing end-to-end performance expectations of large networks, Noblis is helping verify that all of the configurations and architectures will meet the government’s critical traffic needs in an emergency. We also perform priority mechanism evaluations to ensure that individual mechanisms will perform as expected during a crisis. Noblis also does independent validation and verification of carriers and vendors proprietary designs as part of industry program design and test reviews.

Noblis' expertise in telecommunications, networking, and IP technology are helping ensure that in an emergency, the call will go through.

Noblis Experts

Denise Masi

Denise is an expert in operations research, simulation, and telecommunications networks.
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