Making Capital Investment Decisions for Military Health Facilities

Noblis’ capital investment decision model ensures optimal care delivery across the armed services

When they are called, our military personnel stand ready . . . no matter when or where in the world they are asked to serve. And wherever our warfighters go, military health facilities must be available, properly equipped, and staffed to serve their needs.

As the needs of the military change, the Military Health Services (MHS) must transform the way they deliver healthcare to members of the military, their families, and our nation’s veterans. MHS must meet their mission while ensuring that they have the appropriate facilities in the right locations, that they are delivering optimized care across the services, and that they are receiving the best value for their efforts throughout their facilities worldwide. MHS must also make decisions about when and where to build new hospitals, when to invest in capital improvements, and whether to close old and under-utilized facilities.

Noblis worked with MHS to develop a new methodology to ensure that the military was maximizing their resources and making optimal capital investment decisions for military health facilities. Nobils’ Capital Investment Decision Model (CIDM) uses consistent, weighted criteria across the facilities and allows the investment information to be shared across agencies and interested parties. Noblis’ model adds transparency to the decision making process while helping stakeholders identify, prioritize, and articulate the value of investing in specific military medical facilities and construction projects.

Once the methodology was in place, Noblis’ business experts validated the model by conducting economic analyses on over 200 proposed multi-million dollar projects. After this successful trial, CIDM was deployed across MHS. Today, MHS is using CIDM to validate funding requests and ensure that they are supporting the projects that will best meet the medical needs of our nation’s military.

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