Protecting Our Nation from Threats of All Kinds

Whether working in cybersecurity, biometrics, or intelligence, Noblis’ singular goal is making our country safer

Today’s threats come from many different places and take many forms. Our nation’s response is preparation and vigilance and Noblis is helping government agencies anticipate and withstand attacks from all corners of the globe.

Whether we are working to detect and deter biological and cyber threats, using new technologies to thwart terrorists, or developing biometrics capabilities to protect our warfighters, Noblis’ national and homeland security efforts are focused on using innovations in science and technology to improve our nation’s safety and the quality of life of others.

Noblis is uniquely prepared and motivated to take on the threats to our ports, communications systems, emergency response, and other national resources. By combining our core capabilities in program management, science and technology, systems engineering, and acquisitions with niche expertise in cyber security, health surveillance, chem/bio defense, information sharing and analysis for infrastructure protection, and agricultural security, we are able to tackle our nation’s most complex and challenging security initiatives.

Noblis continues to advance security-related efforts by:

  • developing biometric database systems and technologies that help identify individuals sought by law enforcement
  • inventing detection technologies to identify biological agents
  • automating and integrating health indicator data to reveal attacks on the nation’s health or food supply
  • protecting critical infrastructures from physical and cyber attack
  • strengthening our nation's emergency response and preparedness planning
  • enabling new destruction and disposal methodologies for chemical weapons
  • creating new strategies for protecting our ports and other modes of commerce

Advancing the Detection Mission

Noblis is working side-by-side with leaders in the CBRNE arena to advance the detection mission

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Preserving Our Nation’s Water Supply

Addressing threats & hazards to our national water supply systems

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