Shaping the Vision of a Better National Air Transportation System

Developing integrated systems and technologies for the future of air travel

Managing our nation’s overcrowded airspace...reducing aviation’s environmental impact...improving safety...reducing flight delays...the challenges have never been greater. That's why the government is overhauling the National Airspace System with a program known as NextGen. This program is designed to make air travel safer and more predictable and to reduce the environmental impact of flying.

Noblis innovations and forward-thinking solutions in program management, acquisitions, systems engineering, and science and technology are helping the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) solve some of its toughest challenges as it works to modernize and transform the National Airspace System. By applying intellectual rigor, unmatched domain expertise, and critical thinking with a wide-ranging and forward-looking view, we are helping FAA develop integrated systems and technologies that will transform our nation’s airspace and carry us into the next generation of air travel.

Using innovative, cost-effective transportation approaches, we are delivering short-term results and actionable long-term strategies to strengthen our national airspace. One of these breakthrough innovations that Noblis developed is 4-D trajectory modeling system that will help FAA officials make better decisions about how to coordinate the use of airspace and to enhance air safety and efficiency.

Our complex computer modeling program can simulate air traffic situations during different seasons, at different times of the day, even in various weather conditions. Using these simulations, FAA decision makers can test new approaches and policy variations to get an accurate snapshot of how they will affect real-world air congestion.

Our work on this project is revolutionary. It’s designed to improve air traffic not just today, but for the next 20 to 25 years, even as demands and flight technologies change.

By providing knowledge transfer of the latest technologies, methods, approaches, and products, Noblis is helping lead the way in new, innovative solutions and best practices for the FAA and the NextGen Enabling Programs.

Designing Next Generation Enterprise Solutions Today

The importance of the FAA's NextGen mission and how Noblis is partnering with this client to modernize our nation's airspace

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