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Training government personnel to recognize & respond to dangerous pathogens

Today’s military and political conflicts take soldiers and support personnel into foreign locales where they can encounter infectious diseases and pathogens that are rarely seen in the United States. These pathogens, whether naturally occurring or created through biochemical engineering, can severely impact regional and national security.

Government officials need to be familiar with the biology, detection technologies, and treatment measures of infectious diseases around the world. They need to be alert for dangerous infections in military personnel, humanitarian workers, travelers, refugees, and even plants and animals. Being able to recognize the tell-tale symptoms of exposure becomes even more important when coupled with emerging diseases, changing ecosystems, war-torn infrastructure, and battlefield injuries.

Education is key to understanding the nature of these infectious diseases, including their severity and the rapidity with which they can spread. U.S. government officials often require training in the areas of microbiology and toxicology to help them recognize and respond to potential hazards. U.S personnel that come into contact with dangerous situations need to know how to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against microorganisms that include bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. To educate their workforce, the government relies on Noblis.

With an in-depth knowledge of biology, medical countermeasures, and weapons of mass destruction, Noblis’ scientists are uniquely qualified to develop training materials on highly complex subjects. Our staff’s expert understanding of the science behind these pathogens enables us to break down complex subjects into laymen’s terms and develop training and classroom knowledge that is both effective and memorable, even for people with limited science backgrounds.

Noblis has created training materials for government use at a beginner’s level while translating complicated scientific guidance into easy-to-understand language. Noblis is designing applied training modules that allow users to quickly learn about hazards they may encounter. We are continuing to expand this training capability in an effort to keep officials safe.

Noblis provides knowledge to reduce risks for government officials operating in a variety of environments and enables the creation of processes for avoiding disaster. We are taking an active role to raise awareness of potentials hazards. This effort is helping solve some of the most complex problems that are emerging in today’s world.

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