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Noblis is turning raw data into actionable intelligence that drives mission-critical decisions

Because ours is an increasingly data-driven economy, the opportunities to be gained from harnessing big data are unprecedented. The process of extracting knowledge and value from large collections of digital data is extraordinarily complex but holds unlimited promise for business transformation, productivity, and innovation.

From healthcare to environmental science, biomedical research, and national security, big data has the power to change the way the federal government does business. Taking big data projects from concept to reality requires advanced analytics, massive computing power, and innovative thinking. That’s why government leaders are partnering with Noblis in their big data efforts.

Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing

The Noblis Center for Applied High Performance Computing (CAHPC), with its next generation Cray XMT2 supercomputer, has the ability to harness disparate collections of data and use them to drive discovery, optimize decision making, and gain actionable insights. The system is designed to handle parallel applications that change dynamically, require random access to shared memory, and typically do not run well on conventional systems. It excels at tasks such as pattern matching, scenario development, behavioral prediction, anomaly identification, and graph analysis.

The CAHPC is a central component of Noblis’ client work in fields such as computational biology, DNA sequencing, air traffic management, semantic web applications, fraud detection, and counterterrorism. By using high-performance analytics to access, organize, and aggregate massive volumes of data, Noblis is helping customers maximize their knowledge in ways that will inform critical decisions, enhance operational efficiencies, and accelerate innovation and growth.

How We Can Help You

We are often asked, “How can Noblis help my agency start taking advantage of big data?” The answers vary based on your agency’s mission and goals, but we can help at every stage, whether you are looking to:

  • Establish your big data needs
  • Address the challenges of extracting useful data
  • Create strategies that include methods to derive knowledge from data
  • Apply the right analytic techniques to best leverage your data
  • Determine how to use your data to make intelligent business decisions
  • Gain a better understanding of how to store and safeguard your data

Noblis and the CAHPC can help you solve big data problems in many areas including:

  • Resilient systems
  • Molecular science
  • Biometrics forensic analysis
  • Cyber security analysis
  • Inference-based systems
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Business intelligence
  • Power grid analysis
  • Video rendering
  • Persistent surveillance
Noblis Experts

Sterling Thomas

As an informaticist, Sterling analyzes large, diverse data-sets to extrapolate valuable results for many clients.
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Victor Pollara

Victor’s expertise includes semantic technology, information extraction and modeling, algorithm design, and high-performance computing.
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