Achieving Acquisition Success: Use an Acquisition Tool

Why using the right tool is so important to the acquisition process

In addition to assisting the evaluation team, the right tool can also play a vital role in collecting all of the documentation required to successfully defend the contract award. From preparing reports for the Source Selection Authority, to developing debriefs and gathering data to successfully defend protests, an acquisition tool can be a CO’s best resource during these often stressful times. Noblis' Rob Maccubbin explains how technology and modernization have improved the success rate of acquisitions.

Noblis Acquisition Suite of Tools
Noblis provides a requirements-focused, full lifecycle approach to assisting our clients with tailored solutions, regardless of a project's phase. Our suite of tools include: AcquTrak, an acquisition collaboration and process support tool used throughout the acquisition life cycle; AcquServe, a toolset of advanced software applications that supports an acquisition program from the solicitation through operation; and AcquCenter, a state-of-the-art, dedicated acquisition facility designed to meet the specialized needs of acquisition teams. Click here to learn more.

Noblis acquisition experts explore four main themes Noblis uses to help our clients achieve success along the acquisition lifecycle.
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