Noblis Scrum Masters to Speak at Agile2016 Conference

Tracy Brown and Stephanie Bernardi of Noblis will share some of their experience as members of the team supporting the FBI Sentinel Program

Tracy Brown, Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master and Systems Engineer, and Stephanie Bernardi, Scrum Master for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Sentinel Program, will speak at the Agile2016 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference acts as a forum for Agile professionals to come together, share ideas, and discuss lessons they have learned. It is run by nonprofit Agile Alliance, and attracts thousands of professionals from over 40 countries each year.

Ms. Brown and Ms. Bernardi will give their presentation entitled “A Tale of Two Backlogs: How the FBI Manages a Candidate Backlog and a Working Backlog” at the conference on July 28. They will review a business process for how the FBI prioritizes mission critical system needs while also keeping national security a priority.

The two-tiered backlog system they have developed demonstrates the evolution of this process established by the Sentinel program over time. Noblis assisted with the Agile transition and successful deployment of the initial operating capability of Sentinel in July 2012. Accessed by over 30,000 agents, analysts, and support personnel, the Sentinel case management system has transformed the way the FBI does business. With the backlog system in place, it allows for a more effective and efficient way for operational divisions to see their software requests become functional within the Sentinel system.

Ms. Brown and Ms. Bernardi will also share lessons learned and key practices for success with Agile practices at an enterprise level that can apply to both government and commercial teams alike. Read more about their presentation here.

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