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Noblis experts are working with government agencies to address our country’s overburdened transportation systems. We are using advanced analytics, innovative technology, systems engineering, and program and acquisition management to help improve operations for air and surface transportation while also reducing risk on the environment. Our work is helping to ease congestion, improve safety and reliability, and increase efficiency for air, surface, and mass transit systems. We are helping to protect travelers from weather and road hazards. Our extensive experience with enterprise-wide program management and execution of high-consequence acquisitions and investments make us a strong partner for government agencies, automakers, and aviation officials. Together we are helping to develop the integrated systems and technologies that will carry us into the next generation of transportation.


Noblis’ people, processes, and tools provide a lifecycle approach to the most challenging mission-critical problems. Our experts specialize in the engineering of complex systems of systems. We bring a mindset of innovation and collaboration to deliver effective, real-world solutions. Learn More


Noblis uses high-fidelity modeling and simulation to develop solutions that offer new ways for clients to validate system-of-systems concepts, examine operational impacts, ensure performance and resilience, establish business cases, visualize different scenarios, and make better decisions. Learn More


Noblis’ advanced data analytics, supported by unparalleled HPC capabilities, leverages high-volume, high-velocity data in support of transportation missions. We perform predictive and forensic analysis on a massive scale to improve both planning, decision-making, and real-time operations. Learn More


Noblis delivers innovative software solutions that provide lasting impacts to clients and their missions. We are committed to quality, transparency, and responsiveness. We use Agile processes and tools and focus on user experience to shape strategies that align with client environments, goals, and objectives. Learn More


Noblis follows rigorous, proven processes to ensure enterprise-level security mechanisms are embedded in programs, systems, and infrastructure. We engineer sound security solutions into architecture designs and manage security risk and improve resiliency throughout program lifecycles. Learn More


Noblis supports the effective management and execution of complex acquisition programs. We support large-scale, transformational programs, providing executives and program offices with the analysis and recommendations they need to make optimal decisions. Learn More

Innovation at Work

Noblis uses technology, innovation, practical engineering, and objective advice to increase the safety, reliability, and efficiency of our nation’s transportation systems. We are creating enduring impact, one project at a time. 

Delivering Full Spectrum Expertise for Aviation Enterprise Infrastructure and Services

Noblis brings hands-on experience across the spectrum of current and future aviation enterprise infrastructure and services. Our experts take a lifecycle approach to engineering, acquisition, service management, program management, and cybersecurity for current and future mission-critical terrestrial and air-ground communications, service-oriented architecture, and cloud computing needs.

Using Technology to improve driver safety

New sensor and communications technologies have the potential to improve the speed, safety, and reliability of our nation’s surface transportation system. Noblis is working with the U.S. Department of Transportation to develop vehicle technologies that enhance the driver’s ability to make the right choices in the critical seconds prior to a potential collision. By developing integrated vehicle/infrastructure solutions, we are helping prevent truck rollover crashes, smoothing traffic flow, improving throughput, and providing efficient accessible transportation options.

Partnering with the FAA to modernize our nation’s airspace

The United States operates the largest, most complex, and safest aerospace system in the world. This system manages over 30 million square miles of airspace and supports over 70,000 flights and two million passengers every day. Noblis is partnering with the FAA to improve the safety, efficiency, and environmental footprint of today’s system, while also ensuring the successful transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

Leveraging High Performance Computing and Analytics for investment decisions

In order to improve the productivity of the nation’s surface transportation, investments must be vetted for cost effectiveness. Noblis experts are thought leaders in the area of advanced analytics. We are developing new forms of performance management which analyze massive volumes of data from mobile devices and connected vehicles. Noblis is creating a better understanding of which investments can improve the capability of the system to move people and goods safely and efficiently. Our research at the intersections of high performance computing, analytics, and performance management could have a transformative effect on how we understand and invest in system improvements.

Noblis Expertise

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Communications Services
  • Next Generation Air Transportation Systems
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Connected/Automated Vehicles
  • Acquisition Strategy and Management
  • Program & Portfolio Management
  • Systems Engineering Lifecycle Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Systems & Architecture Integration
  • Test & Evaluation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Advanced Data Analytics

  • High Performance Computing
  • Agile Management Practices
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Data Visualization
  • User Experience Design
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Investment Planning & Policy Analysis
  • Operational Research & Analysis
  • Experimental Design
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Performance Management

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Noblis Leadership

Mile Corrigan Photo

Mile Corrigan

Mile is the vice president of the Transportation Systems mission area.
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Noblis Experts

Karl Wunderlich

Karl is an expert in transportation analysis, traffic simulation, traveler information, and travel reliability.
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Meenakshy Vasudevan

Meenakshy uses simulation and modeling techniques to evaluate emerging technologies and policies that improve our nation's transportation systems.
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Noblis is partnering with the FAA to modernize our nation's airspace.

We are improving the safety, efficiency, and environmental footprint of today’s system, while also ensuring the successful transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System. Learn More

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