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At Noblis, we know that science and technology are fundamental and critical to solving many of our national and global problems. We are committed to using science, technology, and innovation in a continuing pursuit of knowledge. We recognize the best way to apply and build on that knowledge is to share it with each other, our clients, and the public.

We use the best of science, technology and strategy for the best of reasons—serving the public good. We work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams, providing clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors with impartial information and counsel to help them sort through diverse technology options to arrive at the best solution for the challenges they face.

Noblis is a unique repository of knowledge, skill, and experience and we use science and technology to support our public mission of helping make people healthier and safer, making critical infrastructures more sound, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our government, protecting our environment and creating a sustainable future, and keeping our homeland secure.

S&T Expertise
Science & Technology Expertise

Science and Technology are core capabilities at Noblis. We offer a wide variety of solutions, services and tools in many areas, including:

  • High Performance Computing

  • Biomedical Countermeasures

  • Toxicology

  • Identity Management

  • Health Informatics

  • Data Taxonomies

  • Food Safety

  • Biometrics

  • CBRNE Science & Advisory Services

  • Cyber Situational Awareness

  • Information Assurance

  • Decision Analytics

  • High Impact Dashboards

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Critical Infrastructure Sustainability & Resilience Planning

  • Border Security (Ports of Entry & Borders)

  • Climate Change

  • Government Policy Management

  • Energy Security

  • Smart Grid

  • Water & Wastewater Systems Analysis

The General Services Administration Carbon Footprint Tool

Noblis designed and developed the GSA Carbon Footprint Tool

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Developing Technologies for a New Generation of Weather Satellites

Supporting NOAA on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - R Series (GOES- R) satellite program

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Noblis Experts

Nathan Kalka

Nathan is a project manager with expertise in biometrics, forensics, cyber identities, and visual analytics.
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Jordin Cohen, Ph.D.

Jordin leads the homeland security and defense division within Noblis’ national security and intelligence mission area.
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Noblis BioPortal

Noblis BioPortal is a comprehensive online resource for exploring our company’s cutting-edge bioinformatics research and tools.


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