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Noblis professionals solve difficult problems of national significance, largely in the areas of science, technology, and strategy. We live in a culture that values the creation of the knowledge, innovation, and collaboration that are critical for addressing the profound challenges facing the nation today. We are energized by hard work and commitment to the mission of our government agencies. As a nonprofit organization our incentives are not aligned with any particular solution, product, or shareholders, and we can apply our expertise in an objective and unbiased way. That means our work is inherently conflict-free.

The environment at Noblis attracts people who take pride in individual accomplishment and also want to be part of something bigger than themselves. Our professionals understand that today's challenges are too complex for one discipline, one orientation, one viewpoint, and our physical and intellectual environment encourages interaction, cooperation, and collaboration.

National Significance:
Noblis professionals identified over $4 billion in healthcare information technology savings for a prominent agency through application of shared services across the enterprise.

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